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Our source of experience and from small to big, from weak to strong development process:

In cixi city in 1991, a total couples spent high king village river leasing area is less than 30 ㎡ between three dilapidated bungalow, started the road of entrepreneurship, which undertake processing fishing gear accessories - turn coil. Is very strenuous and profit, but with the fishing tackle market insight, zhang still persist in the total couple, the down-to-earth style of work, honesty and integrity, won the attention of the industry friends and praise.

In 1997, a total couple after 150000 yuan funded by the tianjin friends, meant fishing gear co., LTD., established wheel turning to specializing in the production of fishing line. In a blank, shortage of funds serious technical force, equipment and the backward condition, zhang always couples to travel long distances, won the first orders on put stall in the Canton fair; They reject, rely on a wild fishing show in Beijing met the first customer; They forget all about eating and sleeping, day and night, although failure, but still persistent, finally produce the first batch of qualified fishing line round. It is this fishing line round the first wholesale in Malaysia, let them open the door to the international market, from now on, customers increasingly, order to follow. To faithfully fulfil customer quality requirement and delivery deadline, zhang made total ownership process and finished goods inspection, Mrs Zhang when pregnant still insist on the assembly line, entrepreneurial team day and night, full capacity, with this "s) eat bitterness of bitter," tenacity, the company completed the primitive accumulation of capital.

Ningbo treasure fishing tackle co., LTD, established in 1999, also owns a factory and factory, employees overland, nissan fishing line round about 18000 only, begin to have their own research and development team and its own brand and patent, begin to contact and the use of advanced management idea and management method, the company entered into a rapid development period.

Ningbo source in fishing gear co., LTD., established in 2002, 2005, on the premise of keep a factory and the factory, the company in hangzhou bay new area, has staff 1000 people, nissan more than 40000 fishing line round, the overall yield and per capita output has been a historic leap, product quality has improved significantly, especially company entered into a relatively mature and stable development, its unprecedented size and strength, become the domestic fishing industry leading position, and holds a position in the history of world fishing tackle market, several of the world's most famous fishing tackle company has offered to make long-term, friendly and strategic cooperation with us. Listed company actively brewing and related matters. Source of fishing tackle in the collectivization has been fully launched, marketization, scale, and the new fishing gear carrier will be plowed.


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